I-C Automation's engineers work with technologies across different vendors to create the best solutions for our customers.  The technologies and platforms we choose are driven by the needs of the project and our customers. Customers who want the best results from these solutions depend on I-C Automation to implement, integrate and optimize them for their project.

Industries across the world have depended on ABB’s control systems. Because of their flexibility and power to drive productivity, these systems are now growing in popularity in the United States — particularly in the pulp and paper and oil and gas industries, as well as in power generation and utilities, food and beverage, life science and water / wastewater applications.

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More than 75 percent of North American manufacturers depend on Rockwell Automation’s industrial automation control and information solutions, such as Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix, PowerFlex, Rockwell Software, FactoryTalk Suite and more. I-C Automation has extensive experience and know-how with Rockwell Automation's products and processes.


I-C Automation is a proud member of the FANUC America Authorized Integrator Network for automation systems. Being a Authorized FANUC Integrator means we provide innovative robotic solutions from concept to installation and the 24/7 service and support for complete customer confidence.  

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Siemens is the world's single source leader of automation technology products engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors. Their open system architecture covers the entire production process and offers maximum interoperability across all automation components.

Our wide-ranging industry experience coupled with the flexibility to choose the best technologies ensures a successful solution at a great value. Technology solutions are driven by project requirements and customer preference. I-C Automation's independence and expertise enables us to create a solution utilizing various technologies and products without being tied to any specific vendor.



Manufacturers  depend on Emerson’s DeltaV™ system to keep their operations running smoothly. Known for its flexibility and easy integration with major sensor buses, DeltaV has a significant installed base in industries ranging from biotech, life science, oil and gas, refining and chemical to food and beverage.